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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean.

I have had my eye on this product for as long as I can remember but never really got round to buying is Peaches and Clean. That until it came in my Yule Monty box set this Christmas. Peaches and Clean is a 3 in 1 wash off cleanser that is designed to get rid of all your make-up as well as provide a deep cleanse for your skin. 

Peaches and clean is a 3 in 1 Deep purifying cleanser, The long name can be confusing  on their website they say "Our special clogged T-zone formula Includes peach extract (with skin smoothing fruit acids), quillaja bark (a gentle natural ‘soap’), jojoba oil (an emollient skin softener), Detoxyboost™ technology (to help purify and deep clean) and Poreshrink R2™ (for a clearer, fresher, brighter complexion). In our opinion it’s the best cleansing milk on the market!" Soap and Gloary say that you should use this on your face in the evenings to take off your make-up and it will leave your face really clean, smooth and refreshed.

At first using this as just a cleanser I was a little disappointed, It had all these amazing claims yet by just washing my face with it, I didn't think I was getting those benefits. One night I decided I would leave this on my skin for a while and see what happened. After a few minutes I felt what felt like a tingling sensation on my face.. Like something was actually working. I washed my face after 3-5 minutes and was at first very shocked my skin was red. 

After the initial l skin reaction i have found that it hasn't happened since the tingling sensation has died down and my skin isn't as red. After my first use I did a little research and discovered that I was not the only one who has experienced this. I have since found that the reason why this reaction occurs is because the ingredients in the cleanser are so active that your skin may not be used to it at first and show a slight reaction. So be prepared for a little redness and tingling. Some times your skin has to get used to different products and different ingredients before your skin can fully see the benefits.

I tend not to use this as an everyday cleanser, and prefer to use it as a deep clean, Exfoliating mask a few times a week leaving it on for 10 minutes and washing off. My skin is always bright and soft after I have used it, Giving your skin a glow no other product gives. 

So as well as a lovely cleanser that smells like peaches, and a great face mask you really are onto a winner with this little product. Just be careful in case your skin is really sensitive use it a few times and see how your skin reacts then you can start leaving it on for longer and fully enjoying the benefits. 

This cleanser is available from most boots stores for a mere £8 for 200ml here
 (Currently on offer for £5.33 grab your self a bargain)


  1. I also got this in my Yule Monty set but haven't got around to trying it yet. When I do, I'll definitely try using it as a bit of a mask too as it seems to be really effective when left on the skin for a longer time like that.

    £5.33 is a great price for this so if I like it, i may pick up a back up!

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    P.S. I have a couple of giveaways ending soon!

  2. I got this at Christmas also but haven't used it on my skin for a mask sort of thing. Definitely going to try that tonight! Thanks for the tip :D

  3. I haven't tried this brand before, but keep hearing good things about it!

  4. I love Peaches and Clean. And you know I'm a huge fan of Soap and Glory :) Great post Nic :) xx


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