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Monday, 24 February 2014

Brand Focus ELF

(Just some of my ELF products)
If you haven't heard of ELF where have you been? The on-line make-up store has been a blogger favourite for a long time.. A brand I never get tired of ordering and trying out new things.

ELF was Founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004,, in New york when they first released there $1 range. Both were enthusiastic about an inexpensive, high-quality cosmetics line for women, and decided to form a company together.

The company started with only 13 make-up products, but has since developed more than 300 products that include bath products, skin-care products, mineral-based make-up, professional tools and available in 17 country's.

A bit about ELF. 
Elf have three different collections. 
There products range from £1.50, £2.50 £3.75 etc.. I believe there most expensive product is around £7
  • e.l.f. Studio - make-up line includes professional makeup for professional makeup artists and consumers. 
  • e.l.f. Minerals - consists of make-up made out of natural minerals.
  • e.l.f. Essentials - includes "every-day" make-up supplies at lower prices, in an effort to be affordable. The newer e.l.f Elements line from e.l.f. Essentials also allows customers to customise their own make-up palette.

Over the years I have tried alot of ELF products, some hit and miss like any brand and some really great products I love and keep on repurchasing again and again. 

They often do, alot of different sales such as 50% off, free gifts with purchase. Which makes them super super cheap! Guilt free shopping... 

I thought it would be a good idea to focus a few posts on ELF products, ELF reviews.. hits and misses, over the next few weeks.. Maybe I could start a little series here on Cosmeticsmile-x! 

Do you love ELF? Does this sort of post interest you? I'd love to hear your feed back 
Nicola xx


  1. I've still not tried anything from ELF, I really need to it looks amazing & the prices are so cheap!

    L x

  2. Looking forward to this series of posts! I've only recently got into make up and skincare and am having fun trying out different products. I saw ELF on another blog after a sale last year and was quite interested, looking foward to seing what products you reccomend ^_^

    - Nin


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