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Sunday, 8 December 2013

5 years of Makeup!

I was thinking of what type of post to do today, and found myself looking back at old photos. I decided I would do a different post and look back on photos from the last 5 years! How embarrassing.

15 year old, Leaving school.
During school, and the Start of college. I didn't really wear any make-up. Maybe a bit of mascara and lip gloss but that would be about it, Very natural and simple but I loved showing off my long hair! I have always loved make-up since a young age, and would experiment at home and try all sorts of new looks but I never really wore make-up out.

Age 16 First year of college.
Studying Hairdressing at college I really began to take an interest in Make-up. Wearing abit of concealer, Some nicely coloured blue eyeliner (we've all been there!!) and blusher, Still kept really natural and Fresh.

Age 17 Party Party.
This was around the time I started wearing Foundation, I was very into my nice Dewy foundation, I remember this being the awkward age of everyone being 18 and going out, and I had only turned 17. Ohhh I was so jealous.

Age 18.
Oh hello there bright lips and eye liner! I wish my skin still looked as good as it did in these pictures! Of course it was all about the pink lips, Nothing beats pink lipstick!

Age 19.
Now this was a big change for me, This was the year my obsession with False eyelashes begun.. Full coverage foundation, Hello Revlon Colour stay! I also started filling in my eyebrows and experimenting with different products. But for me it was all about the lashes, especially for nights out, The more dramatic the better. 

Ohhh and here we are in 2013 age 20. I feel like such a grown up!

One thing that has never changed, Is my hair it has remained long, As a hairdresser it is shocking to admit I have never coloured my hair, and have always been happy with the colour, And couldn't imagine not having long hair! who knows maybe one day I'll be brave and take the chop.

I hope you've enjoyed this little post, I Hope your not sick of looking at pictures of me, I know I am! I would be thrilled if you decided to do a post similar so we can all have a giggle together looking back, even if there hidden in your Facebook profiles! Or leave me a comment telling me some of your funny Make-up storys I'm intrigued to know!


  1. Your hair colour is fab you don't need to colour it!

    Thanks for sending me your link on twitter, have followed you now and can't wait to read more! I'm over at if you fancied a peek xxx

  2. You have beautiful hair! So weird how make up evolves I feel the same! Xx


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